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NextGen is a premium Digital Marketing Agency. We have a very capable team of highly experienced and certified marketing professional. What makes us different is our efforts of bringing more innovative and practical services.

This is how the journey started

The seed of NextGen Digital services was born a couple of years ago, when a bunch of marketing professional came together for a digital marketing project.

When we started most of us were doing a full-time job and many of us didn’t knew each other. One of the founding member brought a good marketing project. At that time none of us had ever done any freelancing, and honestly at that time it was very overwhelming. But we did way above our expectation.

After successfully completing the first project, we worked on many small and big project. And the unreal positive response from our initial projects made us realize how difficult it is get good marketing professional in the market.

Hence, after almost two years working as a cohesive group, we finally decided to take it to the next level. And that is when we formed NextGen. Currently we are very small team, but each individual is experienced and talented. We all have expertise in varied fields of digital marketing, so each member complement others in a great way. The composition of our group, our shared vision, and the bond we have results in a synergy which makes us so much more effective and efficient.

Our HTTPS Working Principle

When we say we push our limit every day it seems cliché. But no it is true, hustle is what differentiates between  a steady business and a growing business, an innovative business and boring business.

We hustle every day to fulfill our commitments. We hustle every day to improve our service. We hustle every day to stay creative.

We give a lot of emphasis on training and skills upgrades. All of our nerdy members have an habit of acquiring new skills and sharpening existing ones. Therefore every time we receive the payment from the client, the first thing we do is to transfer a certain amount into a dedicated training budget.

This funds are used by our members to enroll into digital training courses.

Transparency is at the core of our business, you will see it right from landing to our page to working with us. We do not believe in making unreasonable gimmicky claims. Our progress reports gives our clients a clear picture of where their marketing efforts are leading to.

There is absolutely no difference between the efforts we put in for our own company and what we do for our client. Like an artists every new creation as his best creation. For us each project is like an art, and that is what makes every project so much personal for us.

If you are doing something you love, every bit of it becomes very personal to you. You know what we mean…

Out motto is to provide Data-Driven Digital Marketing solutions. So when there is data and marketing together there will be information which valuable and sensitive for our clients business. But as we have a small, controllable number of people working with us, it becomes so much easier to safeguard your sensitive information.

Our Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

Bring out innovative and most efficient digital marketing strategies, that sets new benchmark in this new digital age.

Mission Statement

To make modern, practical, and innovative digital marketing services accessible to all the small and medium scale businesses.

Our Motto

To design practical digital strategy, that utilized the potential of the real-world data, and ensure the maximum ROI for our clients.

Here is what our Clients Has To Say

I have worked closely with Deepika for 2+ years and would highly recommend her Digital Marketing Consulting Services. Her new business Nextgen Digital has a great team that leads all projects as an invested member of our business with attention to every detail.

Deepika and her team continues to offer advice on the best digital marketing solutions for each area of our business and helped us adapt our marketing needs when the COVID-19 pandemic changed our business.

Christina Delord, Managing Director Vestigo Health Care

I met Deepika on LinkedIn, the way Nextgen started managing my profile I wish I would have contacted very early. My LinkedIn profile started giving me good contacts and leads, our company followers are increasing. They works like your mission is their mission. They understands our business and create posts accordingly. They are very prompt, hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

For digital marketing, it is rare you find the team like Deepika easily. I recommend Nextgen for your business growth. Do not delay otherwise you will miss what I missed!

Hitesh Goswami, CEO at Computer Care Pvt Ltd

Nextgen is one of the best digital marketing agency. They understands the project so well. You can trust their commitment and judgement of the project. They are very co-operative. They discuss the project in detail before starting the project. Their team is efficient to provide timely reports and updates of project. I would highly recommend for any digital service and website development projects. They will give the best result at a reasonable price.

Vihang Bhatt, V B Fabric & Exports | PO Box Fashion

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