What is the need of a personalized Digital marketing Service?

The rule of thumb never works in digital marketing, the digital strategy has to be personalized based on your business and its needs. From outside it may seem there are only a few activities, but when you see it as a package you will notice all . Just like a human face, all have similar organs yet each and every face is unique. Similarly we provide a unique digital strategy for each and every client.

A peak into our flagship offering



Data and research is the soul of our business model, we try and gather all the relevant data for your business, competitors, substitutes, market trends and more.



To be honest, Interpretation is one of the most difficult task for us. After collecting data we have to filter it,sort it, combine it, visualize it, to convert the raw data into valuable information.



When you have all the information in your hand, creating strategy becomes easy, we create an in-depth plan of each and every activity, timelines, schedule and in most cases forecast estimated results.


Tracking & Tweaking

Tracking is very important for sustainable digital growth. We create two types of reports, the weekly track report which helps in keeping track of progress and other is monthly tweak report, which helps us in bringing small and effective improvement in a digital marketing strategy.


As it is Said there is always room for improvement. We thrive to find those areas of improvement, and exploit new opportunities, to provide you with a holistic, sustainable, and consistent growth of your digital platform.

What are you looking for?


A business who is doing digital marketing for the first time, we will help you lay a great foundation for long term growth with a personalized service that are unique for your business.

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For those business who are already using the digital platform but are not satisfied with the results, we will help you Redefine your digital marketing with new data driven strategies.

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eCommerce Acceleration

If you are selling or planning to sell products online, we offer you a tailor-made service to successfully plan and launch your online ecommerce business, as ecommerce store owner, marketplace seller or social media sellers.

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Exclusive Features of This service

  • Free Business Research & Report

  • Personalized Marketing Plan

  • Free Weekly Performance Report

  • Monthly Updates to Marketing Strategy

  • Zero Involvement required from the Clients

  • Maximum Efficiency Guaranteed

If you are looking to choose this service this is how it works…
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The price in personalized service is on the basics of the marketing report that we create specifically for your business.

After successfully completing the meeting. Once the marketing report is created with in 7-14 days we will send you detailed document of services your business need. And the document will have detailed information about the pricing of the service.

The charges in personalized plan are always on monthly basis. But they are dynamic, we will adjust price every month, so you will have to pay for only the services that your business need at a particular point in time.

If the prices of your new monthly plan is less than the previous month, we will automatically implement it and notify you about the same. But if the cost of new plan is increased form the previous month, then it will only be implemented with your consent [If client reject the price hike in new plan, then old plan will be continued at the same old rate.

Absolutely NOT, marketing research is completely free. Our research team will extensively study your business and prepare report with-in 7-14 days of successful meeting.

Your monthly bill will start after completing the research and strategy, and we will start working on your business from the day 1.

It is not necessary to pick our flagship service. Defiantly NOT.

We have designed our flagship program for those who are new to the digital marketing world or those who are looking to entirely restructure their digital marketing strategy. If you already have a successful online presence and you want to expand on it, then sure you can choose individual service

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